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Klassen Blueberries is owned and operated by Ted & Celia Klassen. We specialize in growing highbush blueberries, with 32 acres planted. Two-thirds of the crop is picked by the public as one of the most popular U-Pick farms in Ontario. We pick the other third of the crop to sell already picked at our stand/ice cream and pie store.

The farm has been in the Klassen family since 1960 and open to the public since 1967. The on farm store was opened in 1996 and offers blueberry treats for our customers (see store page). We strive to create an atmosphere where families build memories and relationships. We are not a playground, but we welcome supervised children and hope they learn about nature and food production on an actual production farm.

In an urbanized high tech world, we aim to be an oasis of nature. We describe our blueberries as the product of nature with the cooperation of Klassen Blueberries. 

Everything we do here at Klassen Blueberries must be safe for our customers, our employees, ourselves and our environment.  Sustainable farming takes care of all aspects of producing food for the long term.  It addresses production standards, labour standards, native habitat preservation, animal welfare and on-farm energy use.  Our sustainable methods mean Essex County residents and their guests will be enjoying the blueberry experience at Klassen's far into the future.

Our accessibility report for Ontarians with disabilities is available upon request.


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